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Exosphere - not just a word The exosphere (from Ancient Greek: éxō = "outside, external, beyond"; sphaĩra = "sphere") is the outermost layer of the Earth's Atmosphere. The base of the exosphere is called the critical level of escape because, in the absence of collisions, lighter, faster-moving atoms can escape the planet’s gravitational field.

To us, Exosphere means a space which belongs to the planet yet is so close to the vast cosmos that we can tap into its limitless potential. Exosphere merges and balances the best of both worlds – the earthly and the cosmic, the ancient and the futuristic. Anchoring the progressive ideas full of light into the physical world we live in – one step at a time. 

The exosphere is the layer between the inner and the outer space, so are the Exosphere’s projects and initiatives. First we work on changing the inner world, expanding human consciousness, bringing the knowledge of the alternative solutions to the public and contributing to the creation of systemic change. We work through the layers to get to the outer space – building the physical community-based living spaces. This whole process is enabling us to push the boundaries of earthly possibilities.


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No more exploitation, it’s time to heal the planet and the broken system, gradually introduce change and transformation towards a new paradigm

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Nobody’s free until everybody’s free. Freedom is an innate feeling and mindset, we want to create choices where there’s none, while respecting everybody’s free will

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We incarnated to grow by discovering who we are at our core and expanding into our potential – first individually and then as a collective

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We aim for balance between earthly joys and cosmic mission while following the natural flow of events, with integrity & without pushing anything with ego 

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One planet, one Team Humanity. We are here to create the New Earth together as a community where everybody is pursuing their passion and divine purpose

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That’s who we are at our core and when we embody that, respect & genuine human connection become a norm. Conscious actions and cultivating the highest states of awareness will get us there

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Thinking global and acting local. Getting inspired by the best solutions out there but actualizing them with respect to the unique bioregions and cultures

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interconnectedness and synergy of the entire scale. Connecting the best of both worlds – the earthly and the cosmic, the ancient and the futuristic.

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Implementing solutions on multiple planes of existence that are optimal for all parts of our being – mind, body, and soul 

Meet the Crew

Similar backgrounds, similar world-view, same vision of the reemergence of small regenerative communities.
We knew that the current system is not for us and we felt like aliens, alone on a different planet. Each of us was somewhat working on figuring out how to create a new paradigm for us because we both heard the calling of actively shaping the New Earth. And then synchronicity happened. Everything clicked when we met at the Slovak spin-off of the global online course Tools for Regenerative Renaissance. We talked, we found out that we are on the same wave-length and we co-created this movement with a great help of divine downloads (Thank you, Universe!). 

This is just the beginning and we’re excited to meet other Explorers who’ll join our crew. Does this resonate with you? Let us know your idea of co-creation through this form.

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Co-founder, Creator, Weaver, Wayshower #consciousness #HumanPotential  #shamanism #5Dbusiness

My planetary journey has been a wild one, full of growth and intensity, living in 6 different countries yet being a Citizen of the Earth. Just after getting the degree in International Business with focus on Brand Management I joined the corporate world, burnt out, started freelancing and burnt out again but this time harder. I had a successful career but at what cost? I quit the high-paid fintech job, sold everything I owned, packed one backpack and left with a one-way ticket to Sri Lanka and later to the Tibetan part of Indian Himalayas to pursue what I now get to call a healing journey and a true space exploration through the highest states of consciousness. I learned how to lose my mind & live in my heart, how to fly with the feet firmly on the ground & how to dance in the rain.

I always felt like I don’t belong to the current world, I have preferred experiences over consumption, been curious about ancient wisdom and state-of-the-art technology instead of history, absolutely didn’t get the idea of hierarchy and centralization and was labeled as too open-minded. I love life with all its shapes and forms and pursue an active lifestyle balanced by meditative practices.
My dream has always been to live in communities of like-minded weirdos while being location-independent, so I was working on the bits and pieces of how to achieve that over the course of the past 6 years. And with Exosphere it just clicked all together.

Looking forward to flying this spaceship with you.

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Co-founder, Visionair, Regenerator, Community builder, Reflector #mattering #TealManagement #HumanDesign

„Houston, we have a problem solution!“ I enjoy looking for ways to make things possible instead of naming the reasons why I shouldn’t do them. Therefore, right after getting my master degree in Marketing Communication I opened my own business – a studio for services such as marketing consultancy, branding, visual identity, graphic design and photography. It was like a dream coming true because when I was working for other companies’ brand departments or advertising agencies, I felt frustrated. What bothered me deep inside was the moral dilemma of working on projects that were not fully aligned with my understanding of doing business. The family and friends saw me as a successful youngster, having my own office and paying clients. However, the unavoidable dark night of the soul was just behind the corner. It was a hard and painful lesson but after all, I am so thankful for this experience. It taught me to trust my intuition, sense and follow my divine path and not to be afraid of letting things go when they don’t nurture me or the society anymore.

In the course of the past years I can proudly say that I have no plan, I am just dancing with the flow and enjoying how everything unfolds in front of my eyes. Serving the highest good brought me purpose, unconditional love and holistic health – my mind, body and soul are finally thriving. Currently I am focusing on implementing global tools into the local environment. That means working on a lot of regenerative projects in Slovak and Czech Republic and simultaneously being an ambassador of Gaianet and SEEDS. The Exosphere evolved very naturally and it is providing an umbrella under which I can combine and hold space for every partnership, initiative and know-how I have cultivated.

See you in the new paradigm!

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“I used to think I was a faulty outlier. Now I know I'm a sacred glitch” @aaronxrose

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Launch the journey to Exosphere, a community space to co-create a thriving world in harmony with nature, on the border of Earthly possibilities.

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There are multiple ways to get involved – you can donate any resource, money, time, expertise or service.

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Adress: Rozmarínová 13,
821 04, Bratislava | SLOVAKIA


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