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Phases to Exosphere Our ultimate goal of creating a network of regenerative community-based living spaces, called Exosphere Spaceships, is a journey into the unknown, requiring a paradigm shift, systemic changes, and pushing the boundaries of earthly possibilities.

Disclaimer: the time in our space is not linear and the progress might be slower or faster than indicated. What we know for sure is that we’ll reach Cosmos in the divine timing.

TROPOsphere | Ongoing initiative: Planting the seeds through our initiatives

While working on a blueprint for a community-type living space (Exosphere Spaceship), we are learning, growing and connecting with amazing projects, people and organisations. This wisdom is passed forward to the broad public through our initiatives.


01 Jan, 2021

STRATOsphere | 1. Research & Community

Building a New Earth community-type living space based on regenerative principles is a massive project. Fortunately, all the solutions are already out there and our task is to map them, connect the dots and propel the idea to the next phase.

01 Jan, 2022

MESOsphere | 2. Systemic design

The key to a scalable model is creating a systemic approach to the regenerative community space. That is a task for the experts in the sectors of regeneration, our mission here is to bring them together and create a platform to co-design new type of settlement.

01 Jan, 2024

THERMOsphere | 3. Proof of concept

Launching the Pilot Project Exosphere Spaceship will allow us to test and stretch the model’s adaptability and capacity to be regenerative with regard to different aspects of human existence.

01 Jan, 2026

EXOsphere | 4. Blueprint

Creating 3 parallel Exosphere Spaceships in very diverse contexts, climates, environments and cultures will allow us to finalize the blueprint and to set the base for applying it anywhere in the world. With a couple of Spaceships, the experimental phase of subscription-based living will be launched.

Cosmos | The Beyond phase: Replicate & Multiply

As soon as the replicable blueprint is ready, Exosphere will help the local communities desiring to create the Spaceship in their region with the whole process of building one. Finally, with many Spaceships across the globe, the subscription-based living can fully take off.

Exosphere is the last layer from which an escape from the gravitational field is possible, so we are careful about using the phrase "the sky is the limit”. Let's just say we want to create an earthly version of galaxy, Exosphere Spaceships being the stars spread across the globe.

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Launch the journey to Exosphere, a community space to co-create a thriving world in harmony with nature, on the border of Earthly possibilities.

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There are multiple ways to get involved – you can donate any resource, money, time, expertise or service.

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Adress: Rozmarínová 13,
821 04, Bratislava | SLOVAKIA


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