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In the future we no longer live in concrete jungles in the boxes, separated from the environment, separated from one another. We live in harmony with nature in community-based living spaces built of organic architecture houses. There’s a resurgence of smaller communities, circular economies working together and among themselves in a decentralised manner. Exosphere is one of them but there are plenty of others working on similar principles.

There is no house nor equipment ownership per se, it is a subscription-based living with different monthly packages suited for different personal needs across different locations.  Monthly payment will grant access to different facilities, transport or self-development and entertainment activities. WIth so many community-based living spaces, moving between them across bioregions is easier than ever before and wherever you move, the subscription covers it. 

Beautiful scenery of the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley, California

People come back to the roots and combine ancient wisdom with state of the art technology. Mother Earth is being regenerated through conscious effort and return to organic farming. Biodiversity is growing again and the atmosphere and weather patterns are stabilizing. Climate Crisis is merely a story of the past.

A shift in vibrational frequency is evident in all aspects of our existence. People are unlocking superhuman abilities such as telepathy, stress is completely eradicated, and we live in harmony with and respect towards nature and each other. Yes, there are still challenges, both personal and collective, but they are the driver behind human growth so we treat them with maturity and apply non-violent communication to overcome them – together. At the heart of each settlement is a space for contemplation, prayer and meditation, to individually and collectively enhance the holistic nature of being.

Beautiful scenery of the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley, California

We buy and co-create locally but think globally. Decentralised internet connects the furthest parts of the world so we can get the inspiration yet the localisation is preferred. Multinational chains don’t exist like we know them and there’s an unprecedented number of thriving small local businesses.

Humanity has not only transitioned to renewable resources but also figured out the way to harness free energy from the electromagnetic field of our planet and we no longer use fossil fuels to power our cities, neither to lobby governmental decisions on mass scale. While we’re at it, money is no longer ruling the world and there are decentralized and fair P2P exchanges taking place. State governments no longer make sense and borders between countries disappear.

Beautiful scenery of the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley, California

People’s leisure time is no longer dedicated to media-fed addictions. We play, co-create and continually learn. Arts and culture are thriving and everybody is embracing their creative side in one way or another. Sport and physical activities are an integral part of our holistic development and we do it for the fun of it and not for competition. We laugh a lot and consciously create heaven on Earth, one step at a time.

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Launch the journey to Exosphere, a community space to co-create a thriving world in harmony with nature, on the border of Earthly possibilities.

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